Enjoy everyday life in Kyoto
Offering a journey to find the niche of -KOTO-


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Every life of Kyoto

It's more like a homecoming than a trip.

Why don't you experience the life
itself in Kyoto, which is not just a trip?

We hope that you will enjoy
your precious time in Kyoto
with kotonichi’s guesthouse as a base.

Experience a niche Kyoto

All of the guesthouses we offer focus on living,
so you can use them for a variety of purposes.

Including accommodation for sightseeing and travel,
long-term stays and workspaces on business trips,
workshops, etc.
As a different recreation venue
Please take advantage of it.

Kotonichi's guesthouse is located within walking
distance from the station and is ideal
as a base for various activities.

image of Kyoto

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